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Find your North & South Node of the Moon

What are my Nodes:

While most people know their Sun sign, very few know what sign their Nodes are in or even what the Nodes represent. There are two Nodes – North and South which are opposites and highlight the opposing forces and dichotomous nature of being human. It is also noteworthy to say that the nodes, unlike many other aspects of astrology are actually points of space time and not physical in nature. It is for this very reason, that the nodes are seen as karmic or spiritual in nature.

While the sun has a 1 year cycle around the sun, the Nodal cycle is approximately 18.5 years. This means that while the Sun is in each sign for approximately 30.5 days or a month, The Nodes are in one sign for approximately 1.5 years. If one chooses to look deeper into nodes, it is also important to understand the relationship of your nodes to other plants in your chart.

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